hi it has been a long time ago im not show up
well umh, just lets go to the point, hahaha i have no more opening words to say 😀

WELL, i need about more than 15 minuts to think bout what kinda of correct words that i gotta to tell, because it something that connected with you know human feeling, and kinda deep, haha i think you’ll know where this thing will go!..

okay then, lets go to the main point (i think i said it twice -,,-)

this is something that i just really feel, something that i never thought gonna happen to me, something that complicated my self and something that nonsense. well i think i lose my mood, write later, bye, sleep tight (im sleepy actualy(


well I don’t know why is it not an easy thing for me to touch any kinda painting stuff for  this couple years. Feel like, I just I can’t do that. Well I Know painting it’s not about being good or bad, it’s about something from the inside of us. But, I just afraid to make mistake while Im painting with the stuff *something maybe wrong here. in the other hand painting is a part of my soul, then i try to make something different.. and here it is *we don’t have to use any kind of painting stuff, but with paint tools on the computer we could make an art 😀

😀 I solve my problem 😀

30, November 2010 Dear diary hahahaha Well, let’s go to the point! It is hard to realize that it doesn’t happen like you wanted! It is hard to not avoid it. I made my own plan at that time, but it seems that I couldn’t even reach it. The worst part is I don’t have any plan C! well, the good news are: I have importan lessons that, first: it should be more than A and B if you wanna make a plan, second: hard work is needed when you wanna reach your goal, and the last but not least is you have to be brave enough to admit that you can’t reach your goal like you wanted, and you have to be strong enough to come up with other chalange from the goal.

You know what? I thought I’m realise about something, it seems clearer now. Well “it” means “establishment/conviction” well I’d rather call it with “conviction”. I saw that conviction about what you believe on is really important, its like a strong foundation of being something happen. If you trust your self or if you trust about something you don’t have to make a doubt with it! Sometimes it is hard to make a decision, and that’s why sometimes we hand over it to other people. Do you know that it causes you become the people who have no establishment because you submitted all of those decision to other people. It makes you weak!! It is getting worst when you become the people who have no establishment  and the decision doesn’t make your goal and you are blaming that into a person who made decision (I think it’s silly). Other lesson that I take from this cause is “I WILL NOT BLAMING OTHER FOR THE DECISION THEY MAKE WHILE IM NOT DOING ANYTHING ON IT, I will RESPECT IT”.
Finaly I know why we have 2 ears and just one mouth, it because the god wanted us to be a good listener for other than to be talkactive but useless! I think you guys now how does it feel when others hear your shout and weather  they don’t…

I LOVEEEEEED TO BE A GOOD LISTENER for everyone, even sometime I don’t get the same 🙂

Posted on: August 19, 2010

My job

Posted on: July 20, 2010

I have a business with my friends, it’s really exiting. we sold clothes and bag, and I love it. Well as an economic student I have to practising my self, well that’s why actualy we founded this kind of business :). So far it’s going good even sometimes we found a lot of difficulties in our way, but it’s not become a matter for us, because I feel like  I can trust my partner that we can make a better condition than now and we can through all of the difficulties. I trust that “if there’s a will so there’s a way” 😀 . I am not expecting much for this business, becasue the point is  I hope this business can gives me a knowledge and experience 🙂

well, I wish we can through all of the hardest way and still being together 🙂

  • winning isn’t everything, but WANTING to win is
  • Life ain’t about where you finished, but what you’ve learned along the way
  • Sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you’re down are the ones who help you get back up.
  • Don’t waste time dwelling on the past. Learn from it, but don’t worry about what you can’t change.
  • You are never given a wish without also being given the ability to make it come true.
  • To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only dream but also believe
  • Worry about nothing, pray about everything and trust God can do ANYTHING!
  • Life is like football. Sometimes you’ve got to risk it all to take the ball, make the goal!

  • Love should be like wine. The longer you keep it, the stronger it will taste.
  • When I see you smile and know that it is not for me, that is when I will miss you the most
  • Don’t judge a person by how they appear or what you have heard… They might surprise you!
  • everything is gonna be ok. just be patient, and god will show you the right way!

hoamh.. I feel so sleepy right now, but I wanna write something before I’m going to sleep 😀 . this day is the happiest day of this weekend. I had met my old friends (finally :D). it has been so long time ago I had never seen them, I had met my friend’s daughter she is so beautiful (it makes me wanna have one..lol..).

on March 27,

I went to Citraland with my friends (Hera, Soek, Devi, Evi, and 3 other boys). it was hera’s birthday, and she was very generous to appraised us 😀 . Then, we went to home by public transportation, but you know what! the terminal was so crowded with the people who waiting for the bus (just like us), I felt like I wanna took a hack (haha), but finally we can got a chair to sit (huff). I arrived at balaraja about 7.oo pm, and I was little bit shock when I saw that there were a little changes at that place, the road is amplitude and so do the trucks are so big. well, when I saw it I felt little bit scared because it was horrible  (hihi).

then, finally I arrived to hera’s house, her families are so nice to me 😀 . and I really wanna say thank to hera’s families because they were allowed me to stay the night on their house :D. in the morning, I had a little jog with hera and ayu, I loved to saw the mountain (I don’t know what is the mountain’s name exactly 🙂 ). At 7.oo am I went to tanjung’s house, and at noon I went to sarah’s house, till the evening I had some lunch at ojolali’s 😀 I loved the food  so much :D. after all the exiting activities I met with Lita, she is my friend who went with me go back to Jakarta.

well, I’m  getting so sleepy now, and that’s all my story.

good night, and sleep tight 😉

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